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Romantic Suspense Au​thor


Welcome to my World of Roman​ce

Kathryn Denman is an upcoming, award nominated novelist that has been inspired by her love for a good romance novel. Please join her for the love of all thing Romance!

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Available 1/28/2020

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Emma Sterling is a self-sufficient, introverted Paramedic, who finally commits herself to spending time with family after dedicating years of her life to saving others. But, when they are targeted for a horrendous attack, she must play into the familiar hands of a sinister criminal to prevent disaster.

Eric Wallace thinks he and his team of Pararescuemen are in for a few standard weeks of training before the annual war games. When the General’s granddaughter arrives on the base, his days go from routine to treacherous. The last thing he needs is an alluring, mysterious woman distracting him from the very real threat to the base.

Together, they lay a trap to take down a sadistic madman. But when a shipment of explosive chemicals goes missing, motives are questions and fingers point in every direction. Their secrets hold the answers they are searching for, but trust is not given easily.

Short story in the Meet Me Under The Mistletoe Anthology


Stranded - A short story

Convinced to take a much needed vacation, Madeline can finally take her mind off her ex. When she overhears a group of men hell bent on taking her plane down, with a team of Navy SEALS, her world shatters. Innocent lives now rest on her already sagging shoulders. Will she risk everything to save the SEAL that has caught her eye?

NEW! Short story in The LOVESTRUCK Anthology

* available On Amazon 2/14/2018 *

When Kayla and Garrett share a night of raw passion, Kayla thinks she has finally found Mr. Right. But when she discovers the number he gave her leads to a out of service restaurant, she reluctantly slips back into her normal, boring routine. After watching her mope around her apartment for weeks, her best friend forces her out of the house. And on to a singles cruise. Surely there is a man there to make her forget about Garrett.

Garrett thinks he has found the woman who can finally convince him to settle down. But after their unforgettable night, he never hears from her. Lost and confused he accepts a temporary position as a cruise physician. Out on the open sea is the only place he can get away from the images of Kayla that haunt him. Until she shows up in his Infirmary. And she’s not alone.

I'm  A Finalist!!!

My first novel - CONFIDE IN ME was a finalist in the nationally recognized Daphne du Maurier Awards! I am so honored and humbled to be a finalist among such an amazing group of talented writers!